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This post is very special to me... I was only 12 weeks pregnant with our baby boy (I know I know, I look more like 20 weeks THANK YOU I GET IT I' M A WHALE) anywho, K was just 6 months and I was surprising my husband with this gallery for Valentines Day. K wasn't walking yet (she's walking like crazy now!) and at the time we didn't know we were having a boy. To be honest, I was in complete shock still! I didn't think we would get pregnant that quickly and I wasn't sleeping because K wasn't sleeping and you know, there was just a bunch of other "real life" stuff happening. But somehow, these images don't catch that at all. I was able to just focus on my babies, and I feel like our shooter, Meg, was able to capture the magic of being a new mommy. There are always so many other struggles and things going on, but it truly is a special time and for that hour I just got to forget about everything else in the world and enjoy what it is to be a mom. 




















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