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christina + kevin

First of all, I just want to remind everyone - I am a teacher and omg that makes blogging twice as hard! I'm constantly trying to make sure I'm not ending my sentences with prepositions or using run-on sentences (love those...may not be able to stop from doing that!) Anyways, had to get that off my chest so you understand the struggle behind these posts!

OK now to the important part - Christina and Kevin! I was absolutely honored when Christina asked me to do an engagement session for she and her sweetie. I've know Christina since she was a little girl and hadn't seen her in years; I was so curious to see what she was like now! And you guys, it sounds corny but the word that comes to mind is delightful! She and Kevin were so lovely and sweet and could not stop making each other giggle. I almost felt like I was intruding on these sweet moments! Which, I have to say, makes me SO happy! It means I'm doing my job!

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