What kind of packages do you offer?

I offer different packages for different

occasions, starting at $150. I also hold

mini-sessions monthly. You can contact

me if you'd like me to shoot for a special

event, like a birthday celebration,

baby shower, or wedding.

How long is a regular session?

If you book a session, you are guaranteed at least 60 minutes. Each session is unique and the time depends on multiple factors, like how many people are involved, if there are kids participating, and location circumstances. I try to keep family sessions involving kids to 45 minutes or less because they tend to lose interest - and I want to make sure you enjoy your session!

How do I get my images? How many images are included?

For portrait and engagement sessions

you will receive an online gallery

of 30+  images within 2- 4 weeks.

You will get an email containing a

link to your gallery and a pin #

that you can use to download and

save your images.  

What is a mini-session?

Mini-sessions take place monthly

and are 30 minute sessions that are scheduled back to back. You will

receive 15-20 images which will be delivered to you in an online

gallery within 1-2 weeks.

The location is a place of

the photographer's choice.

I'd like to book a newborn session but

am worried about my baby crying

or getting hungry. Will that be a


No way! I understand that babies need

to be fed, changed, or soothed and

there's no way to control when that

could happen! I am flexible and we

will take breaks as often as needed.

If your session runs over 90

minutes, I will charge an additional

$25 per 30 minutes.

I am interested in an in home session, can you give me more information?

I LOVE doing in home sessions!

The ideal in home session has lots

of natural light so that we can get

that dreamy, soft lighting. However,

if your home tends to be shadowy,

I'll ask you to watch how the light

changes throughout the day so

that we can schedule your session

at the time with the most

natural lighting.

Do you require a deposit to reserve my session?

Yes. I require a 50% deposit for a regular 60 minute session. I require the full payment to reserve a mini-session.

How do I pay?

Once you've confirmed that you'd like to work with us, I will email you an invoice that includes a link to an online payment option. I will also accept payments through Venmo, cash, or check.